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Job Description

  • Design and implement technology, server and network management and monitoring platforms.
  • Designing network infrastructure including integration in the company.
  • Perform site reliability testing if needed.
  • Set-up, install, and manage all company servers.
  • Identifying and troubleshooting network and company servers.
  • Provide hardware upgrade recommendations.
  • Responsible for the security of the network and servers managed by the company.
  • Maintain our infrastructure in areas such as performance, availability, scalability, and security


  • At least 2+ years hands-on experience in infrastructure engineering, DevOps, or software engineering staff member.
  • Open to exploring, learning, and implementing new technologies and concepts.
  • Experience / interest in some or all of the following tech : Linux system administration, Cloud Services, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka.
  • Expertise with cloud platforms such as AWS, GCE, Azure, or similar
  • Expertise with infrastructure-as-code tools such as Ansible, Chef, Terraform, or CloudFormation
  • Experience in building systems where observability is a first class concern using protocols and tools that cover the space of log aggregation, analytics, monitoring, distributed systems tracing and alerting.
  • Able to build tools from scratch when needed
  • In-depth knowledge of build/release systems, CI/CD systems, Jenkins
  • Experience with modern web services architectures
  • Experience with Git, Nginx, Haproxy, Kubernetes Ingress
  • Ability to quickly learn new and existing technologies
  • Strong problem solving skills, have a good team spirit, good skill, commucation, and quick understanding.

Tunjangan & Benefit

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