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www.primafreshmart.com is an online shopping facility from the Prima Freshmart store which has been serving consumers for 10 years and has nearly 1200 outlets in Java, Bali and Sumatra. www.primafreshmart.com is the latest innovation from PT. Primafood International as part of PT. Charoen Pokphand Indonesia, Tbk. which is currently one of the largest animal feed companies in Indonesia.


Vision and mission

www.primafreshmart.com provides a wide selection of complete products at the best prices for our loyal customers to support our vision as a trusted food provider for all Indonesian people and realize our mission to make it easier for people to shop for food, both offline and through our online store.


  • Choice of Product VariantsCurrently we provide a variety of food needs products in various forms, such as fresh chicken meat, frozen chicken meat, parting chicken meat, omega eggs, processed chicken products, food ingredients such as super quality rice, instant food products, various kitchen spices and so on.
  • Payment and Delivery System (Delivery System). We provide choices to our loyal customers in making online transaction payments. Security and ease of transactions are the main keys in building customer trust. Currently www.primafreshmart.com provides online payment systems via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and transfers via ATM. After the payment is completed, we will immediately process the delivery of your order. To maintain product quality so that it is well maintained until it reaches the customer, we provide a network of Prima Freshmart outlets and Prima Freshmart Warehouse spread throughout Greater Jakarta so that your ordered products can arrive in a short time and delivery of ordered products takes place effectively and efficiently.

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