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Trusmi Group is a holding company that has several business units. Trusmi Group moves forward with a management team that is professional, passionate, and young at heart. In starting its business, Trusmi Group established a batik retailer that specializes in selling Cirebon batik clothing and accessories, the Trusmi Batik Wholesale Center, which has won the MURI RECORD award as the largest batik shop in Indonesia. Trusmi Batik Wholesale Center has opened branches in several big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Medan. Ibnu Riyanto CEO Trusmi Group continues to spread its wings by expanding into several new business units, including: Retail Batik

Batik Trusmi (BT) produces typical Cirebon batik products which are distributed to several branches of Trusmi batik shops in four major cities in Indonesia. Trusmi Batik online shop can be seen at ebatiktrusmi.com Developer Property
PT Raja Sukses Propertindo is currently handling eight housing projects in Cirebon; Golden Kedawung, Golden Plered, Sanur Village, Queen Regency, Maryland Residence, Montana Village, Lovina Village, Azura and Love Regency. Food Baverage Tourism
FBT is a souvenir-based business spread across major cities in Indonesia. Providing special souvenirs for each region. Cafe & Restaurant

Batik Kitchen is a Cafe & Resto which is located next to the Grand Store Batik Trusmi (BT) Cirebon. Providing a variety of culinary specialties from the city of Cirebon as well as modern dishes served with traditional nuances. The Keranjang Mall which combines modern and traditional concepts with an area of ??2 hectares and 4 floors located on the island of Bali.



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