PT Margaasih Selaras

Bandung, Jawa Barat, ID
201 - 500 Karyawan

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PT. Marga Asih Selaras is a company engaged in the apparel and sports equipment industry. Founded in 1986, started as a home industry, developed into a legal entity company, occupies an area of ??8,250 m2 with a production capacity of 432,000 pcs / year, and has more than 350 employees. Currently, the company's marketing has reached all regions of Indonesia.

Becoming a company that can be accepted by the community and gain the trust of consumers and provide good service while continuing to optimize the level of sales is our company's VISION. Continuing to be creative by making new innovations in producing products that are available in various choices that can increase customer satisfaction is the MISSION of our company. Our company does not produce cheap goods but produces quality goods at competitive prices, so "YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIDE" is the motto of our company.

Using the Athlet Sport, Match and Dick Wolves brands as well as brands from our customers.
The types of products are as follows: Polo Shirt, T-shirt, Track suit, pant, short, hat, socks, Knee protector, Ankle protector, elbow protector, sports bag, towel grips, soft grip, athletic supporter etc. .

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