PT Prayoga Mandiri Sukses

Kab. Bogor, Jawa Barat, ID
101 - 200 Karyawan

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PT. Prayoga Mandiri Sukses, is a manufacturing company in the field of Housing & Building Contractor which was established on January 3, 2011, which has built many houses and buildings throughout Indonesia. We have been trusted as a quality and efficient sandwich panel manufacturer as well as a One Stop Solution in the manufacture of prefabricated buildings.

PT. Prayoga Mandiri Success with Bosspanel which is one of our superior wall panel / sandwich panel products, provides a concept of building a dwelling that has an easy, fast, and efficient application system.

We as a sandwich panel manufacturer have a factory that is supported by modern technology fabrication production facilities that are very adequate and handled by experts in their fields so that we can produce the best wall panel / floor panel products that are energy efficient, practical and efficient to meet consumer needs. We continue to innovate in developing products to meet all consumer needs.

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