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PT Fajar Lestari Sejati Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, ID

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Informasi Penting
Pastikan perusahaan yang kamu lamar resmi dengan memeriksa website dan lowongan kerja mereka. Hati-hati dengan penipuan !


  • Man / Woman
  • Ages 24 - 26 years old Graduate of S1 Communication/Marketing/Management
  • Have 1 year experience in marketing (Advertising/PR/Branding agency)
  • Mastering Microsoft Office Communicative, energetic, and understand marketing communication
  • Can work individually or in team

Job Descriptions

  • Ensuring every job is completed on time
  • Able to create Instagram feeds
  • Handle promotional activities from planning to making
  • Presentation materials, print advertisements, social media content, etc.
  • Have design skills (a plus)
  • Placement: Daan Mogot-West Jakarta

Tunjangan & Benefit

Aktivitas Team Building
Tunjangan Pengembangan Diri
Asuransi Kesehatan
Area Keja Nyaman Dan Lengkap
Tentang Perusahaan
PT Fajar Lestari Sejati is a building materials company based out of Indonesia. Since 1994, our company is engaged in door and window accessories (wood, aluminum, iron) and already has products that are well-known with national standards such as (handles, hinges, locks, automatic doors and other accessories) with the...
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